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Researchers and teachers provide initial observations from school simulation study
Sick Kids, September 14, 2020

Have we misjudged the role of children in spreading COVID-19?
Canadian Medical Association Journal, September 21, 2020

COVID-19: Guidance for School Reopening
Sick Kids, July 29, 2020

The Missing Money Our Schools Need Now: Education Development Charges in Toronto
The Broadbent Institute

Before It’s Too Late: How to close the paid sick days gap during COVID-19 and beyond
Decent Work and Health Network

Scientific Evidence:

Transmission Dynamics of COVID-19 Outbreaks Associated with Child Care Facilities — Salt Lake City, Utah, April–July 2020
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), September 11, 2020

Community Outbreak Investigation of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Among Bus Riders in Eastern China
JAMA Internal Medicine, September 1, 2020

Model-based projections for COVID-19 outbreak size and student-days lost to closure in Ontario childcare centres and primary schools
MedRxiv, August 7, 2020

Key Pieces of Scientific Evidence and Data regarding Masks
Masks 4 Canada: Canadian Doctors, Professionals, & Citizens for Masks

Social Media Accounts and Websites :

Ryan Imgrund (Hospital Biostatistician)’s twitter feed: COVID-19 Ontario and regional risk assessments (updated daily)

COVID Schools Canada Twitter feed
Tracking COVID-19 in Canadian schools. A volunteer-led project for safer schools & transparency in our educational system.

Healthy Debate
Provides accurate, accessible information about health care to the public, practitioners, journalists, students, managers and policy makers


Concurrent classrooms are a failed response to COVID-19 pressures
Behind the Numbers (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) , November 5, 2020

Left behind: Two decades of economic progress for single mothers at risk of being wiped out 
Behind the Numbers (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), September 16, 2020

Long division: Inequity and Ontario’s back-to-school plan
Behind the Numbers (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), September 16, 2020

The best-case scenario for Ontario schools: 1 extra teacher for every 700 students
Behind the Numbers (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), September 2, 2020

Ontario’s “nearly $900 million” for safe schools is actually much less
Behind the Numbers (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), August 27, 2020

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