Contribute a Video

Classroom with desks spaced

Contribute a video to our project, and add your voice to the Ontario SAFE cause

Ontario SAFE is working to create a video open letter to Doug Ford to ask for smaller class sizes so we can have a safer return to school. We’d like voices from across the province.

If you believe in public education and public health, smaller class sizes is a simple message we can all support. Being safe in a pandemic affects our economy and the health of all our loved ones.

We are asking you to submit a short selfie video to share your concerns and push for SMALLER CLASS SIZES. Videos will be compiled and edited to create a video open letter to Premier Ford. 

Videos must be submitted by the end of the day on Friday, August 28. This is a short timeline, but time is of the essence.

For your video, follow the script below, but make it your own. Then email your video to If you are using a smartphone, orient your video horizontally. Before you send it, please name your file using the format: FirstName_LastName_City or Town.

Dear Premier Ford,

I am __________ (Your name, profession, whatever you want to share)

I live in __________ (Where are you in Ontario? Show us! Is there a town sign or landmark? Do you own a small business? Get next to it!)

I want smaller class sizes because __________ (Why is this important to you? Share whatever you like. Remember that health care professionals, education workers, bus drivers, epidemiologists, researchers, and others all advocate for smaller class sizes to help contain the spread of COVID-19).

Please reduce class sizes. Smaller is safer. Thank you.

Send the video to us ( by end of day Friday, but please also share on your own social media. Use the hashtags #smallerissafer and #ontariosafe.